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How does billing work?

There is no monthly bill and no obligation to make any minimum amount of calls. 
Toolani is a prepaid service, so you have to top up your account. If you pay by credit card you can activate the automatic top-up option, if you wish.
If this option is active, the last payment is repeated once your credit falls below 3 GBP/USD/EUR.

How can I pay / top-up my account?

The following payment methods are available: 

  • Credit card: Accepted cards are MasterCard, VISA, AMEX and Discover.
  • Paypal: With Paypal you can shop online, send and request money and much more. More information about how you can get your own free Paypal account can be found here.
  • Klarna (SOFORT ): Paying online is easier than ever with Klarna! You simply use your online banking data and are therefore on the safe side. More information on how Klarna works can be found here. This payment method is not available in every country.
  • paysafe card: These are recharge cards which can be bought in various shops like gas stations, post offices, etc. You don't need your bank account nor a credit card for it. You can easily check the nearest point of sale for paysafe cards here.
  • Direct Debit: (only available in Germany) You enter your bank account number and we charge your account afterwards. This option is currently only available for customers from Germany with a German bank account.
  • Barzahlen: (only available in Germany) First, choose the amount that you want to top up, then pick the payment method "Barzahlen". You will then receive an email or sms with the payment code. Just print this email or show the text message at one of the partner stores and pay your order there. You can pay your order for example in the supermarkets REWE, PENNY or real,-, the drugstores dm or Budni, in the shops of mobilcom-debitel and Deutsche Telekom as well as in the kiosks Eckert, Ludwig, Barbarino, Adam’s and OnExpress. You can find your nearest Barzahlen partner store here. Your toolani account will be credited immediately after you make the payment in one of the partner stores.

Add credit now

If this was not helpful, please contact our customer support. 

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