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How can I send SMS with toolani?

You can send SMS to almost every country in the world through the toolani homepage or the apps for Android and iOS (10 cents US $ / 6 pence £ per message). Please do not send text messages to our toolani landline numbers. 

Sending messages through the homepage: 
Please log in to your member area and click on the envelope symbol next to the desired contact in your toolani phonebook.

Sending messages through the apps:
In the toolani iOS app you will find the option for sending text messages in the settings. To send SMS through the toolani Android app, click on the symbol in the middle (dialpad) and then choose the speech bubble icon on the lower right corner.

How much does sending a SMS cost?

Sending a text message costs 10 cents US $ / 6 pence £ per message. If the message exceeds the usual length, further messages will be charged. 
Should you use special characters like à, é, etc, the normal length of 160 characters will be reduced to 70 characters per message. The apps and the SMS form on the website will immediately show this change in the available amount of characters. Please pay attention to this and try to avoid special characters, if possible.

My SMS was not delivered. What can I do?

Please check the following: are you sending the message to a mobile number? Is the phone number correct? Is the mobile phone of your contact turned on? 
If the phone of your contact is currently turned off or if the reception is bad, SMS might be delayed.

If that does not help you, please contact us and provide the data (date and time) as well as the destination number of the last SMS that was sent.

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